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 (A copy is available in our pilot lounge and from

Aerodine's Pilot Travel Guide (Paperback) 

 Aerodine (Author), Kenneth J. Keifer (Author)

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Aerodine's Pilot Travel Guide, July 17, 2002
By A Customer
This has got to be the best pilot recreation book anywhere! I bought it this last spring and couldn't believe how many places I didn't even know existed within an hour flight in my Cessna 172. For extended trips, it covers the whole U.S. and makes an excellent gift idea for any pilot. The book is so huge! 1,000 pages and almost 6 lbs. You really get your money's worth compared to anything else out there in the way of fly-in restauant or pilot travel guides. The writers certainly did a thorough pre-flight of each destination. My hat's off to the author!

Aerodine's Pilot Travel Guide, August 3, 2002

By A Customer

This review is from: Aerodine's Pilot Travel Guide (Paperback)

I fly for a living and have traveled all across the United States by small plane. I purchased a copy of the Aerodine's Pilot Travel Guide and use it on a regular bases to plan fuel stops with restaurants within walking distance and overnight destinations with somthing to see and do when I arrive. All the facilities mentioned in the book were just as advertised. It’s worth every penny!!! You won't find a pilots travel guide anywhere that can match its content. I have bought them all.